We are here to help students succeed both in and out of the classroom while at Mercy. 

无障碍办公室 collaborates with and empowers students who have disabilities in order to coordinate support services, reasonable accommodations and programs that enable equal access to education and college live. 

ACCESS serves as a resource to other departments and colleagues and works to provide regular training opportunities, 深思熟虑, 就平等机会进行磋商, 合规, 提供公平的服务, 通用设计. 另外, ACCESS provides opportunities and resources that will facilitate the development of self-advocacy, 自我效能感, 以及学生克服残疾可能带来的障碍的适应技能.



学生 may experience different levels of distress across various areas of their lives. The type and amount of distress they are experiencing will require different actions and resources. The 红色的文件夹 initiative is a guide to help those who interact with students to recognize and be able to respond effectively and refer students in distress to the available resources we have at Mercy 大学.



要获得住宿或服务,首先您必须在ACCESS注册. 要注册,您必须完成以下操作:

  1. 填写我们的无障碍应用程序在 学生健康门户l
    1. 您将使用您的Mercy证书登录
    2. Click on the “Accommodations” option in the blue banner to find the link to the Accommodations Application.
  2. 提交证明文件给 学生健康门户网站
    1. 在蓝色横幅中,点击“文档上传”.”
    2. 文档类型为“无障碍文档”
    3. 有关文件标准的信息,请查看我们的 文档的指导方针
  3. 与Mercy无障碍团队会面,讨论您的需求. 工作人员将在大约1周内与您联系,安排会议. 


We are here to support you and make sure that you are reaching your full potential while at Mercy 大学. 

访问 our current student page to learn more about resources available to you, including:

  • 获取住宿通知单
  • 可访问性工具箱
  • 可访问性形式
  • COVID-19资源



  • 了解你的残疾以及它对你作为学生的影响.
  • 确定你需要的学术设施.
  • 区分你的安排是否有效.
  • 学习和了解你的残疾权利以及如何获得这些权利.


  • 与他人讨论你的需求、欲望、好恶.
  • Ask for the things you need, and ask questions about the things you don’t know.
  • 在交流之前写下你的想法.
  • 如果你的权利被侵犯了,告诉别人.


  • 探索能激发你兴趣的不同专业和职业选择.
  • 和你的大学顾问一起制定一个学术计划来实现你的学术目标.
  • 与你的老师建立关系,探索资源.

高中之间无障碍教育的差异 & 大学



  • 法律——想法 & 504
  • Laws-ADA & 504
  • IEP/ 504计划
  • 住宿的备忘录
  • 资源必须由学校提供
  • 资源必须由学生自己寻找
  • 家长,教师和工作人员参与确定住宿
  • 学生向教职员工自我宣传
  • 可能修改的课程
  • 课程不会更改
  • 促进成功
  • 促进平等获取


下载你的 学生欢迎包.

40个残疾学生奖学金名额, along with a set of valuable resources and support groups to further help throughout their college and career journey. 查看完整的清单.



关于ACCESS-VR的信息 大学 学生

点击这里 转到ACCESS-VR网站.


CAEI可以帮助你 写作 的支持, 数学,辅导科学 辅导,通识教育支持等等! You can click the link above to bring you to the CAEI page where you can book an appointment and view the resources that you can utilize. 



残疾学生必须向Mercy申请 大学 通过常规的录取程序. 没有特别的录取程序. 学生可以, 然而, apply to the companies that administer the standardized admission exams (such as Educational Testing Services and The 大学 Board) for provision of accommodations when taking standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT和GRE. 联系 the exam administration companies for further information on how to apply for and make arrangements for standardized exam accommodations.

If you suspect you have a disability that is impacting your academic performance, you will need to provide documentation of that disability to the 无障碍设施办事处 (ACCESS). This documentation must be supplied by a qualified professional who is licensed or certified to diagnose the disability in question. An appointment ACCESS to discuss your potential need for services and to gather resource and referral information.


大学s are required to provide any reasonable accommodation that may be necessary for equal access to education. They are not required to design special programs for students with disabilities or have Individualized Educational Plans (IEP’s).



在大学, students with disabilities are covered under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). IDEA不再适用. 既然是这样,法律义务就改变了. 大学里没有特殊的教育. 大学不需要寻找残疾学生. It is the student's responsibility to seek out services through the 无障碍设施办事处.



年满18岁的学生在法律上被认为是成年人. 在这种情况下, the student is responsible for his or her own accommodation requests and disability-related decisions. 然而,我们鼓励学生与父母进行开诚布公的对话. 父母是一个很好的支持来源.


学生 with physical disabilities are encouraged to register with the 无障碍设施办事处 every semester so that the office can help them with access to buildings and other university activities. ACCESS与设施服务部门合作,维护无障碍校园.

大学不需要进行或提供测试. 学生有责任提供最新的文件, 以及任何额外的测试来支持所要求的住宿, 如果有必要的话. However, ACCESS does provide referral information for local evaluators and counselors.


To notify your instructor about your accommodations, email them a copy of your 住宿的备忘录. 如果您需要住宿通知单的副本,请登录 学生健康门户网站 请求一个 . 请记住,住宿备忘录是学期特有的. 你每学期都需要得到一份更新的备忘录.


Send your 住宿的备忘录 to all you instructors to ensure you receive your testing accommodations online. 如果你的老师担心在网上满足你的住宿要求, 请鼓励他们与无障碍办公室联系,网址为 accessibility@teenlifestyle.net.

自然阅读器是一个免费的文本到语音软件. For information on how to use ReadSpeaker, please reach out to the 无障碍设施办事处 at accessibility@teenlifestyle.net . 从文本到语音还有许多其他选择, 如:巴拉波卡, PanopreterBasic, WordTalk, 和Zabaware.


Mercy 大学 is committed to achieving equal educational opportunities and full participation for persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities who may need classroom accommodations are encouraged to contact the 无障碍设施办事处 before the semester begins to learn about the different accommodations available and the process for obtaining reasonable accommodation(s) using any of the methods listed on this page. 请致电(914)674-7764或 accessibility@teenlifestyle.net 了解更多信息.

联系信息 & 办公时间


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可在所有校园和地点预约. 我们还可以为远程预约提供便利.


访问 我们在正厅121室(多布斯费里校区) 
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